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Our heart beats for sophisticated branding, authentic corporate design and good graphic design

Our heart beats for sophisticated branding, authentic corporate design and good graphic design Our heart beats for sophisticated branding, authentic corporate design and good graphic design

Corporate Branding Agency

Visuelle Fabrik develops identities for strong companies and brands Visuelle Fabrik develops identities for strong companies and brands

Thanks to the strategic development of our branding agency, we make your company and your brand as visible as it is tangible across all touchpoints.

In order to present your company in the best possible and professional way, we evaluate the individual contact points to the target groups and design a holistic appearance.


Selected projects

An excerpt from our references, which we have developed with much passion and joy

Corporate Design — SportsDoc

SportsDoc Visitenkarte Corporate Design

Branding – Northling

Grafik Basel Zürich Aarau

Employer Branding — BL Digital+

BL Digital+ Employer Branding Webdesign

Corporate Communication — Livingwoods

Livingwoods Webdesign Branding

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As a full service agency, we accompany our customers across all touchpoints to success.

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Design Agency FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Many aspects are crucial for a successful corporate design project. Questions about which agency, the budget to project management.

Corporate design is part of corporate identity and comprises the visual expression, the "dress" of a company. The aim is to make content, values and competencies visible.

It includes all visual components of a corporate identity such as logo, typography, imagery, color concept, etc.

A detailed description with a list of all corporate design components can be found here.

A corporate design agency specializes in the development and design of corporate design concepts. An interdisciplinary team of professionals creates a visual image to position the company successfully in the market. A corporate design agency usually works across industries and develops concepts regardless of the size or shape of the company.

The search for a suitable design agency can vary depending on the region, industry and project requirements. Last but not least, it depends on your personal evaluation criteria. Does the size of the agency matter, or does it matter if it is owner-operated? Is it important to you to have a direct contact person and should the agency be available to you in the future? What expertise does the agency bring to the table? Besides: Are the chemistry and the personal aspects right?

The following steps can help in finding a suitable design agency:

  • Define your individual requirements: Consider what type of design project you have and what specific requirements are necessary for it. Do you need a new corporate design or support with a marketing measure? Looking for help with your website design? This information will help you search specifically for agencies that specialize in your requirements.
  • Check the experience and references: Visit the agency's website and check what projects it has done in the past. Pay attention to whether it has experience in implementing similar projects and whether customers have left positive reviews or recommendations.
  • Contact: Contact the agency you like best and arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and expectations and to get to know each other. Make sure to ask any questions you have and address any concerns before choosing an agency.
  • Schedule: Clarify early on whether the desired agency has free capacities for your project.
  • Budget: review the budget and costs for agency services to make sure they are sustainable and you will receive the services you expect.

Choosing the right design agency is a significant step in the success of your project. So it's important to do thorough research, check experience and references, and make sure you find an agency that you can work with effectively and that matches your values.

The best way to clarify many of your questions is to meet and have a good coffee together. Get in touch with us right now.

We all know the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". Accordingly, corporate design communicates a company's values and services in a visual way. Potential customers or partners get a first impression of your company. A successful corporate design stands out from the competition, creates identity and a recognition value.

Corporate design is an essential part of a company's visual identity and should generally be used by companies of all sizes and in all industries. It plays a key role in creating a unified and consistent look that enhances brand recognition and credibility. Effective corporate design includes the development of fonts, graphics, a logo, color palette, and other visual elements that represent the company's image and values. It can be used in a variety of areas, including the website, printed materials such as brochures and business cards, packaging and products, and social media platforms. Companies aiming for a competent and consistent appearance should therefore develop a professional corporate design to strengthen the trust and loyalty of their customers and improve their image.

The cost of a corporate design can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Smaller companies and startups with limited budgets may get by with less money, while larger companies and brands invest more. We will create a quote tailored to your specific needs and capabilities.

As a rule, the cost of a corporate design starts at a few thousand francs and can extend to several tens of thousands of francs, depending on the elements included in the corporate design, the number of concepts and revisions required, and the time and effort invested in the project.

It is important to consider the costs in relation to the value and benefits that a professional corporate design can offer. An appealing corporate design can demonstrably improve the image and perception of a brand, increase customer loyalty and lead to higher sales. Several studies also show an increase in the value of companies through conscious design.

Also keep in mind that it's not worth negotiating for every franc. Persistently haggling for a lower price often results in either cutting services or adjusting the set-up. A corporate design or rebranding should be considered a valuable, long-term investment. Potential customers, future employees, partners and other stakeholders will perceive the corporate design in almost every contact with the company. The corporate design acts as a silent ambassador for the company, present around the clock. Therefore, it generally makes sense to invest a little more money in a professional corporate design - it pays off in the long run. However, it is also important to set an appropriate budget for corporate design that meets the company's needs.

A graphic designer is a professional designer who specializes in the design of visual media. The main task of a graphic designer is to develop visual concepts and solutions for various projects and clients. This includes designing logos, posters, flyers, packaging, book covers, websites, advertisements and other marketing materials.

A graphic designer usually works closely with the client to understand their requirements and needs and create a design that meets them. Developing a visual concept that clearly and concisely communicates the client's message involves selecting colors, fonts, images, and other design elements.

In addition to creative aspects, a graphic designer is also responsible for converting designs into print-ready or digital formats. This includes working with printers, web developers or other service providers to ensure the final design meets client and technical requirements.

Logo design is a significant aspect of a company's visual identity and refers to the design of a memorable symbol that represents the company. The point is to develop a logo that is recognizable at first glance and reflects the company with its values. Aspects such as color choice, typography and design play an important role here. A successful logo design helps to set the company apart from the competition and build a strong brand identity. To create a successful logo design, designers should have a comprehensive insight into the company and its target audience, as well as a clear idea of the visual elements that are best suited to portray the desired image.

Visuelle Fabrik does not design logos. We think holistically and look at the complete corporate image. The logo is an integrative part of many components of a corporate design.

A brand strategy includes a variety of components that help create and communicate a coherent and effective brand identity. Here are some key components of a brand strategy listed:

  • Brand identity/corporate design: Brand identity includes the logo, colors, font, and other visual elements that define the brand's appearance.
  • Brand positioning: Brand positioning is used to define how the brand should be perceived in comparison to your competitors. This is about differentiation from the competition and creating a unique selling proposition.
  • Target group: The target group is defined by whom the brand should appeal to. This involves a detailed analysis of customer needs, preferences and behavior.
  • Tonality: Tonality defines the language and style of brand communication and ensures that it is consistent.
  • Brand architecture: Brand architecture encompasses the hierarchy of a company's brands and how they interact.
  • Brand communication: Brand communication includes all messages sent about the brand to its customers and prospects, including advertising, social media posts and other marketing materials.

A successful brand strategy requires detailed analysis and planning, working with an experienced brand expert, and implementing and monitoring the strategy over time to ensure that the brand's goals are met.

Visuelle Fabrik does not design logos. We think holistically and look at the complete corporate image. The logo is an integrative part of many components of a corporate design.